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Loren Kronemyer is an artist living and working in regional  lutruwita / Tasmania. Her works span objects, interactive and live performance, experimental media art, and large-scale worldbuilding projects aimed at exploring ecological futures and survival skills.

She works solo, and in collaboration as Pony Express. Her approach of deep and immersive research has led her to foster collaborations with a number of niche societies, labs, and specialists. These include Australia's last broom factory, from whom she learned to make millet brooms for the project Millennial Reaper; and the World Archery federation, from whom she earned a coaching qualification for her project After Erika Eiffel, and the scientists at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, with whom she developed her show Receiver. She received the first Masters of Biological Arts Degree from SymbioticA Lab at the University of Western Australia, and has a PhD from the University of Tasmania.


Loren curates Faux Mo at MONA FOMA Festival and is the Creative Director of Art Farm Birchs Bay.

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